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Jimmy was also very nearsighted. He could barely see four feet in front of him. He thought that it helped him tremendously as an actor because he had to imagine everything that was happening beyond that point. I remember sitting in the commissary at Warner Bros. at a table with Jimmy and Natalie, and Dick Davalos, who played Jimmy’s brother in East of Eden, came and joined our party. I thought Jimmy was being very rude to Davalos. He didn’t say hello and didn’t acknowledge his presence. When Dick started having a conversation with Natalie, Jimmy said, “Davalos, is that you?” Dick said, “Yea, its me,” sarcastically. Jimmy said, “Wow man, its you,” and he got up and hugged him. “I couldn’t see you man, I left my glasses in the trailer.” I’m not sure whether Davalos, who had been sitting at the table for ten minutes, ever believed him or thought he was just doing a number. - Dennis Hopper